Friday, April 5

Spring 2013

Realizing my last post to my Johnny Green Books blog was a year ago...and looking at the beautiful wisteria in that photo, this year is a long shot, Spring is still just around the corner as we had a wintery mix last night. Promises, promises, to be a Spring weekend and hopefully the last teaser.  Barely any buds on the wisteria so far. My bet is we Spring right into Summer this year so I want to be prepared to enjoy any and all of the Spring days ahead! 

I can't wait however as this year, with Spring being the promise of all new things, Johnny Green Books has an opportunity looming! I am anxiously waiting a next call from Tate Publishing Company, now with a signed contract to do a second edition of Johnny Green and the Little Green Man, this time a royalty contract with people that are real and I believe offering me the opportunity I've been waiting for! Could it be real and this is what any new author's dream is, to be offered this.

So - stay tuned, as I get more information I will share, that is my Spring promise to you!  And don't forget - it's April - and our promise to worship the ground we walk on and be good stewards of our earth comes around this time every year!!! Take time to plan what you will do this year for our Earth!  Johnny will be proud!

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