Thursday, May 20


I love everything about Johnny Green!! Today I spent time working on Book 3 in the Johnny Green Books series, but my first love in the Spring.... is my garden. You will find me spending hours on end on the weekends...working until I can't stand up straight anymore. We expanded our vegetable garden this year and I've planted some things I haven't for years because of the extra space, watermelon, corn, I truly have a salsa garden this year with jalapenos, cilantro and plenty of tomatoes. I also cleaned up a much needed perennial garden that I've wanted to for the last two years, pictures to follow soon. So much satisfaction! And, I've already made18 pints of strawberry jam, thanks to a friend at work that planted 8-250 ft rows, and have frozen about 3 gallons of berries. What a treat! I'm thriving on all of this!
Gardening is in my blood, has been forever, raised by two parents who tended their yard, always had a vegetable garden, my mom canned every year, and I grew up with farming relatives in the country of Illinois. I have a cross stitch that I did for my mother when I was quite a bit younger (and could see) that says..."The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the bird for mirth, one is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth." Never do I feel closer to God than when I tend to my garden! When I get to heaven, I'm going to take the trowel out from behind my back and ask God to point me in the direction of His garden!
On another note, but also another gardening project...... Here's a picture of a project we've started as well - 1200 sq.ft of mud right now but soon to be our outdoor patio! Can you see it? I want to put a circular herb garden in the middle, have a platform with table/chairs...other outdoor seating and some sort of pit to chase off those unwelcomed mosquitoes on those warm summer evenings. Whoohoo! Party time! We have a family reunion, my husbands side, planned in July so that is when I'd love to have it at least livable out here. I always seem to bite off more than I can the challenge is on!
So - now that I've told you how much time I've spent and love I've's the funny part! I noticed we had a visitor in our garden awhile back - MOLES! The road turned into a highway into a quagmire of clover leafs, over and underpasses - in our first garden. WHEW - the second was unfounded until yesterday! Well - no order to this mess, mass construction with no plan....I just about died when I saw it. Oh - I've been so so mad - if I had a shotgun - I know who would NOT win! So - I went to Lowes today, and read on the back of some mole poison that 90% of their diets include worms and grubs - that is one luck family of moles! If we can coexist, not lose any vegetables, I may let them stay....but, it's conditional, I did buy some poison and trampled their network tonight. If construction continues, I will have to reconsider. I'll let you know how this comes out as well!
Tomorrow is Friday! My weekend is coming and if you happen to be looking for me - look no further!

Sunday, May 16

Earth Week 2010!

Earth Week 2010 started with the Grandin Village Earth Day 2010 Celebration, then on to visiting 6 schools and 2 libraries. I took the week off from my real job and jumped in feet first. I found the kids loved Johnny Green and the Little Green Man and sorting trash, as well as adults! I learned a big lesson during the week - -our children are being well educated about recycling already in our schools! We all have this huge responsibility and it's so exciting and rewarding to know that it is working! Mother Earth - watch out!
Grandin Village, reading...
....and sorting trash.
North Carolina School - K - 2nd graders.
Rocky Mount Elementary School, Rocky Mount, VA. All cozied up reading Johnny Green.
One school had two assemblies, K - 2nd and 3rd - 5th graders. They colored pledge forms prior to the assemblies and two lucky winners won signed copies of
Johnny Green and the Little Green Man!
Here's one happy winner!
By the end of the week it was so nice to relax at The General Store here at home. I was fortunate to chill with Tad Parker, author of Jerry McAllister, Both Johnny Green and the Little Green Man, and book 1 & 2 of Jerry McAllister can be found there.
Thank you for having us in your schools and other events in the area! What a great week! Looking forward to 2011 Earth Week!