Thursday, April 16

The Birth of Johnny Green and The Little Green Man

Once upon a time, about two years ago, Johnny Green and The Little Green Man were just an idea. The idea became a reality and is now almost ready for the whole world to see. Assuming all will go as planned, it will be published the end of May or early June 2009 and displayed for the first time at the National Educators Association conference in July in San Diego, CA for over 15,000 decision makers to review. It will also be available on Amazon, Booksellers and Barnes and Noble websites or through my website, which isn't set up quite yet. (I will include that link at a later date.)
My hope is that this book will become a family favorite, this unbelievable story of an ordinary boy and the dilemma he encounters on his way home from school one day. Like most fairytales, children don't forget them, nor do we as adults, and such is this picturebook story. The topic, recycling and saving our earth....a sweet story about a little boy.....the outcome - a life lesson that Johnny learns about what he can do to help save our green earth! More to come.......Suzan