Thursday, January 28

Rewind - Self-Publishing

I recently attended a Writers Conference and attended a session called the Art of Blogging. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and have decided to apply some of what I learned, or at least make an attempt. We are all writers and writing about something that we are passionate about is a good place to begin. I think that's what blogging must be all about. Reading others blogs, I find are always so much more interesting then mine. Why? I'm not sure I've attempted to put my heart into what I write, rather just something to fill the page. So, I'd like to write about a subject that I've become very passionate about over the last couple of years, as practice, and hope that both you and I will find helpful information and take pleasure in reading it.
Self-publishing? Are you considering this route? Have you researched what it is all about and the different options you have? WOW! There are so many! After considering where I've been and where I want to go, I'm going to take time to revisit where I've been, this crazy trip of self-publishing I've been on. Why? To not only re-read myself as a reminder going forward, but also to leave my footprint so that those that might be trying to figure it out for themselves have a clue of what's ahead, perhaps with a little more confidence, or of course, take a totally different route. I'm only going to leave a little at a time, because I was told that you should only write about three paragraphs at a time, well here are two already. And, how can you really say much in just a few short paragraphs.
So - my plan is to start at the beginning as I attempt to rewind two years, I'll call this 'my post journaling'.....when Johnny Green was a thought, when he spilled out on paper, then the long time in between and how it all finally became a book on recycling for children. If I only knew then what I know many times have you said that in your life? Well, the long time in between is what I'm going to spend time writing about.
Come back! This should be fun!

Tuesday, January 12

Hold On Tight!

How exciting it is to get the first interview, the first book signing and the first book store on board! In just a short time it seems like all of a sudden everything I have been working toward is beginning to fall in place. What a thrill it is to work toward a dream and finally see the fruit of it. This is just the beginning, we are still pre-selling our first order of 250 books, signed, dated and numbered copies and the response has been incredible...WOW! People are ordering multiple copies for their friends and families - it is wonderful that so many people you know believe in your dream right along with you! Most importantly, the timing of Johnny Green and the Little Green Man is amazing. I'm a believer that timing for everything is inevitable, it's going to come or happen regardless. Just think, this year is Earth Day's 40th anniversary. What a good time for Johnny Green to be released and how incredible is it that our world has been thinking clean and green for so many years? How can you be a better steward of our Earth? I am certainly going to be thinking about that going forward as I hand my book to someone, sign a copy or just talk with someone about my concerns for our Earth! Wonderful day to you!