Saturday, April 9

The Month of April

Without a doubt! I'm positive now that April is my favorite month of the year! Warmer weather, trees budding and flowering, the gift of new life, all bring me back from the dull drums (doledrums?) of winter! Earth Day comes with a gently reminder to be kinder to our Earth as well - and of course Johnny Green and the Little Green Man comes back into the picture! More coming soon about Johnny!
On another note, while on the internet this morning I found these photos about one of my favorite subjects, gardening and growing flowers here in our climate. For all of us that live in the Mid-Atlantic part of the US, where summers are HOT, HOT, HOT, and SIZZLE-ING STEAMY, I found these tips on what kind of summer blooms like our climate. Surprisingly, I have a number of them in my garden already and yes, they are prolific. One I would add to the list is Wisteria! Wisteria is really a Spring flower, but during the summer we cut back the runners and soon, another flower appears. Not as showy as in the Spring, but beautiful. Oh, and while working outdoors in the early evenings when the wind blows just the right way, the scent of wisteria fills the air...such aromatherapy! Here's my photo, taken this morning.....
I've always dreamed of having a split rail fence with wisteria growing on it and the reality is here. We celebrate our 10th summer in our home this year, I get so excited when I see the results of the sweat and labor we've put into our yard - unprofessional as we are - it's so, so satisfying! What other flowers do you grow that love our climate? Here's an additional list that I have...zinnias, dahlias, sedum, shasta daisy's, summer phlox....and I'm sure there's more I've missed!

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Becky Mushko said...

I grow zinnias (I got the original seed from a friend a decade ago, and I've been saving seed ever since), peonies & blue cedar sedum & daylilies (all transplanted from my mother's yard 11 years ago), tulips, iris (a friend gave me several varieties when he divided his), blackberry lilies (another friend gave me seeds years ago) phlox, etc. Whenever I see these things in bloom, I remember the folks who gave me the original plants or seeds.