Wednesday, August 7

Second Edition, Published August 2013

The second edition of Johnny Green and the Little Green Man has been launched! So awesome to 'feel the thrill' of this new ride with Tate Publishing Company.  Where has Johnny Green and the Little Green Man been you might wonder?  Sitting on a shelf collecting dust so to speak as what happens when nothing happens after a book is published without a good marketing plan to follow.  Energy dries up and too quickly it becomes just a forgotten dream. 

Dream revived here! New energy flowing and it is so exciting to know that the prospects for reinspiration are reborn!  So - what happened first and what happened finally to revive the dream?  As some of you know from my previous posts, self-pubishing is a long long haul, or at least for me it was! Some disappointment comes in the flury of the glory of finally getting your book published. The dream is squelched by what must follow once the book is finally in your hands.  Don't get me wrong, I've had a wonderful time with the little opportunities I've had to share my dream  - but now the living of the dream is about to unfold!  If ever the dream was, the dream is now! 

Johnny Green and the Little Green Man just became available within this last week and how exciting it is to see it listed once again! Tate Publishing offered me a royalty contract on a second edition and what I couldn't have with my story the first time around!  Sure we can do that, no problem was their response to the many things that didn't seem to go right the first time....  I love you Tate for that! Tee hee!

So - please stick with me....till next time!

Johnny's Mom

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