Sunday, December 20

With Gladness and Sadness

It is with both gladness and sadness that I write this entry. With gladness, Johnny Green and the Little Green Man is finally available! With sadness, our wonderful friend who so graciously endorsed Johnny's book passed Friday, Dec 18th, just a day from approving the final galley of Johnny Green. Johnny Green will soon be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites as well as through other retail locations. I will continue to update my blog with these venues as soon as they become available. This has been a long time coming, as many of you have read and probably picked up on the trials I faced, but I am so very glad I waited until I was sure of what I could deliver and comfortable about it....... See Johnny's new cover? I just love it and I'm sure you will love his story! I am offering the first 250 hardcover copies, author/illustrator signed, numbered and dated (shipping included) for the cover price of $24.95. If you are interested you can contact me through Johnny Green's facebook - friend him there!