Sunday, March 13

March 2011

Wowie!!!! I just love the HOPE of Spring! Everything comes back to life, including me! I told my husband yesterday that I'm not sorry to see winter go, even though we had a mild one, it is just too dreary and cold. Warm days ahead and everything coming up green! And with Spring, comes Earth Day, Earth Month and all the surrounding time that we get out and clean up! Update, update, update! Going to move forward and break away from my publisher this year. Met with a wonderful woman, Joyce, from Warwick House Publishing, and she opened my eyes to a whole new world and different reality that fits me much more in going forward in writing! Johnny Green and the Little Green Man will be available in a much bigger way this year ~ ~ ~ COMING SOON! Also, a new accomplishment, not a second Johnny Green book yet but something that will be just as exciting - and I am impatiently waiting to go forward. It's in motion and I'm rollin' with it! I'm working on a new website and will be posting the link ASAP! Have a wonderful Spring! And, as Johnny makes his presence known this Spring I'll be a-postin' away. All the best!

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