Saturday, July 31

The End of July

June & July have come and gone - temperatures sizzling upwards in the 80's and 90's, not to mention the humidity...too darn hot! Between a demanding job the last couple of months, the garden, and family visits plus a 'first in 20 years family reunion' in July - summer has just flown by and I've fallen way behind! Johnny's been sitting there...on the shelf (literally)...saying, "hey remember me?" I promised myself I'd submit to two publishing companies/week, this has just not happened. However, the promise of a busy fall and winter is ahead, then I think things will slow down, did I just say that? Information about our first Saturday event in August is avaliable here, I'm looking forward to taking Johnny off the shelf and talking 'Green'! The Green Press Initiative, has given me hope in the direction I've wanted to go with Johnny Green. I'm ready to work toward finding a publisher who is interested in taking on the Johnny Green Books series. Green Press has a great list of publishers that have made a committment to a more 'green' printing option/solutions. Options sure seem to get slim - when this is your goal. I've spent a number of hours googling green publishers - and of the ones I've found on my own either no longer print children's books or are not taking "unsolicited" manuscripts. I'll hold out till the time is right..... Oh, and we grew our first watermelon this summer (just had to share this pix). Broke the 1st one open (it was the size of a softball, ha ha) and gobbled it up - on 1, 2, 3! Oh my goodness! Deee-lish!!!

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