Wednesday, April 7

All in the Month of April

The winter days have wound down, (except for some places I hear), I hear the birds sing, the fragrances of Spring... "ALL THINGS NEW " surrounds us. Fleeting wisps of wisteria captivate me in the early evenings now, trees have come alive dressed in their Spring green, flowers popping up all around showing their silly faces. April is a big and exciting month...and especially for Johnny Green! Johnny Green and the Little Green Man, finally published the end of Dec 2009 is rockin'! His calendar is busting at the seams! Starting with a short TV spot the end of March, everyday since seems to promise something of a surprise! All of this is quite exciting, the anticipation of the expected day when all would be said and done in production and the FUN would begin is really here! This is a picture of my new Johnny...who will be appearing with me on occasions as he is available. If you are in the area, come introduce yourself, we'd love to meet you! Johnny's Fan page is also up in facebook and we'd love to meet you there. Upcoming events are posted, as well as, other great tips and green insights in the eco-fairytale world of Johnny Green!

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