Friday, April 9

2 Book Signings - The Firsts!

This has proven to be an interesting week. And-that is-funny interesting I should add. I think small gifts are always the best and small they were. My first book signing...the prime location, a "green" shop owner in historic downtown Lexington, VA! Now anyone would think that a "green" book like Johnny Green and the Little Green Man would be the big hit, especially with the AUTHOR coming to a "green" shop. Well it didn't exactly go over like that. It was advertised well, from 1-3pm Saturday. Went to Cracker Barrel before the big event, then arrived early to help set up. Everything was perfect. We waited, one person came in..bought a book, I signed it. We waited some more, a couple came in with 3 children, I read the story, signed their books and then...waiting. By traffic, the town was like a ghost town...nobody on the streets. Come to find out, awhile later, there was a big event going on about 3 miles out of town and the WHOLE town was present. Well that ended the day. Although the people weren't there I so enjoyed the day. Relaxing, fun being with the girls, the weather was delightful - the small pleasures! #2, my first library experience last night. Everything again was set - advertised for 2 weeks in the local paper, Friends of the Library hosting the event. The forecast was for rain, thunderstorms, then TORNADO warnings of all was pouring when we left home. We arrived, cookies and drinks on the table, chairs around the room, I set up my things, we waited. 6:30, buckets of rain pouring down, my Johnny Green showed up with his mother. Another lady came..6:35, I guess we should start. Lucky me, 8 in all (including me) showed, friends to make me comfortable, my little Johnny Green playing with the recycled garbage truck, what a delightful end it with, chocolate chip cookies and lemonade!

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Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed your presentation at the Moneta/SML Library. I have sent your info on to my elementary school librarian friend in Henrico. Linda