Monday, June 8

June 8th! Approval Form SIGNED!!

Just a short was another landmark day! I received the last draft of Johnny Green and the Little Green Man to approve. On breaks (in the midst of training for a week) and at lunch time, I busied myself with reviewing the final corrections that had been made to Johnny Green. He sits perfectly complete somewhere in the Xlibris files waiting to go to print for the first time...the first copies in a hard cover and a soft cover book, of which I will review and sign off on and then go to print. I am so attached this little guy I feel like I should be there to receive him hot off the press. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but rather couldn't hold back the tears of joy when I looked through the book for the final time checking off each correction I had requested one after another. Wow! This has been quite an experience. And best of all - it will be published in time to be on exhibit for the National Educators Association conference in July, in San Diego! 1 year and 10 months later here we are! Please give Johnny a standing ovation! I can't wait to provide you with more information!!! As I receive it....I will pass it on!!!

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Bianca H. said...

That's awesome! I am actually an aspiring writer, trying to publish my book...anyways, just dropping by to say that my 2nd grade class loved your book!! =]