Sunday, May 17

Approximate Publishing Date

Conversations have finally led up to a "must be published by" date with Xlibris. The deadline for exhibiting Johnny Green and the Little Green Man at the National Educators Association conference in San Diego, CA is June 8th! We are in the heavy edit phase and, hopefully, by early next week - the week of May 18th - I will see another galley (draft) of the book. I've learned a lot during the edit phase - especially how key communication is. I've been informed that there is another conference in November - the National School Librarian Conference - in Charlotte, NC, so I hope to also have Johnny Green and the Little Green Man on display there. I am thankful for the strong marketing department Xlibris has. They have helped educate me along the way and have given me many ideas in marketing my book. I've been doing quite a bit of research and, as I love marketing, I know it will be a
fun journey.
Thank you to my illustrator, Julia Floyd, who is working on Johnny's Facebook - he will be
informing readers on new and best practices on recycling, and other fun things. As soon as she is ready for it to go live,
I will post the link for you.
Here are the front and back covers of Johnny Green and the Little Green Man from the final mockup of the book. I had to cut six pages in the edit process, that was painful, and so this mockup contains these six pages and will become the "uncut" version. I will post the pages that were cut down the road.
Please stay tuned! As soon as the final papers are signed to go forward with publishing, my website will be available to receive orders. I will let you know when this happens! Johnny Green is alive and well and will soon be in our hands! Suzan

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