Monday, June 7

All good things come to those that wait!

The day to plant has come and gone, the day to harvest is here! It is so exciting to pick the first of everything in the garden...we planted radishes this year for the first time in many and have already picked and eaten our fair share. Would they not have so much dirt on them, they wouldn't have made it to the table. The best, crisp and just hot enough. We've harvested our first broccoli, collard greens, lettuce and just sit now (besides pulling those infamous weeds) and watch as the garden grows and transforms itself from garden to our own organic produce! I know the months ahead will be busy canning and freezing all of our favorites for the year to come. I'm proud to say that we never purchased one jar of salsa, or dill pickles from the store this past year! What an accomplishment. This year I have my very own salsa garden - well most ingredients at least. Here's a picture of our first picking of radishes! Pretty cool don't you think?
Aside from boasting about my garden...I was determined to get a picture of our finches munching on their food in the thistle sock. We have plenty of the yellow finches that visit year round, but seems only on pair of purple ones....I just love the purple ones. I stood out by the truck and finally got a picture of 4 of the finches swaying in the breeze on the sock and then from inside the house, was able to get the purple pair.
It was pretty interesting watching the call -
one finch sat on top of the iron hook calling to the other birds and gradually the others came, the second, third and fourth, all males. When the pair of purple finches ate at the feeder, it was just the two of them. Not sure if this is typical, since I'm not a real birder, but it was interesting to watch! So, now I sit looking forward to the wait - - I'm sure time will pass quickly-- and I'll have my hands full with preparing food to put away for next year!
I remember my mother when I was a young girl busy with her friends in our basement canning, freezing, chatting away and enjoying the harvest! I do too, and as I think about the joy in doing so, and how wonderful it is to eat and share with friends and family I know that all good thing do come to those that wait!

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