Thursday, February 4

The God of Recycling

Wow! When I saw all the boxes last night I broke into a cold sweat! It seems like I've been waiting for this day for such a long time, and it's finally come! Just look at the tower of boxes. It's really exciting...the books are in my garage...just like other authors! Now to go through the list, one for this person, 10 for this shop, 6 for these libraires...I know I'll be down to a small box once the count is over. Spreading the word about recycling through a little boy, Johnny Green, is so satisfying - a ritual we should all be taking part in daily, recycling that is. The cans go here, the bottles go here and the paper goes in this pile. Just like sorting through the books. I think there is a God of Recycling that watches us to see what we are going to do with that piece of junk mail that the mailman delivers us. Now, once people read Johnny Green, they will always sense the presence of the God of Recycling! How could you not with a story as unbelievable as this! You can order your book through Xlibris, or wait and order it from Amazon or B&N in the near future! Enjoy it!

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