Tuesday, January 12

Hold On Tight!

How exciting it is to get the first interview, the first book signing and the first book store on board! In just a short time it seems like all of a sudden everything I have been working toward is beginning to fall in place. What a thrill it is to work toward a dream and finally see the fruit of it. This is just the beginning, we are still pre-selling our first order of 250 books, signed, dated and numbered copies and the response has been incredible...WOW! People are ordering multiple copies for their friends and families - it is wonderful that so many people you know believe in your dream right along with you! Most importantly, the timing of Johnny Green and the Little Green Man is amazing. I'm a believer that timing for everything is inevitable, it's going to come or happen regardless. Just think, this year is Earth Day's 40th anniversary. What a good time for Johnny Green to be released and how incredible is it that our world has been thinking clean and green for so many years? How can you be a better steward of our Earth? I am certainly going to be thinking about that going forward as I hand my book to someone, sign a copy or just talk with someone about my concerns for our Earth! Wonderful day to you!

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