Sunday, August 2

Johnny Green Updates!

Many things have happened since my last post. Most importantly, Johnny Green has his own facebook now! Just click on the link on the right to see daily Winks on Recycling, (well almost daily), tips on recycling and great interactive websites for children to learn more about our Earth! I have linked a website for readers that would like to network with other readers that enjoy reading and reviewing books, Oh and Johnny Green is on this website as well as myself. If you are writing, illustrating, review books, etc. there are other social networks that you can also join. SheWrites - only a month old - has gotten off to an incredible start offering all sorts of interaction on a group level for authors and more. JacketFlap again is an excellent social network. I'm finally starting to GET IT and hope to learn a lot from these people! I hope to start to Tweet soon! Last, but not least, I have decided to pursue traditional publishing of Johnny Green. I would love to share the WHY of this but might get in trouble if I do. Never-the-less, Johnny will be available through the Xlibris Bookstore, click on my website link on the right and you can get to it through there and will also be available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles websites soon. We are redoing his cover, editing some internal things and will be better than ever. Such a great story, needs a great publisher!!! More to come on this soon! I will talk to you soon - Suzan!

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